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Inalpi is the only plant in Italy that produces powdered, skimmed, and whole milk for industrial and professional use.

We process fresh milk from carefully selected suppliers, all from Piedmont, who bring their milk to our plant. In this way, we can produce a baby food standard powdered milk.

We use only milk, eliminating the water component, offering a high-performance product.

Thanks to the close relationship with the territory, we find a raw material of high added value. Our fresh milk is processed within 24 hours, during which we obtain our butter from fresh centrifugal cream, traditional 82% fat, and clarified 99.8% fat.

Inalpi’s products for industry

Milk powder – skimmed

Liquid anhydrous butter

Anhydrous butter for pastry

Milk powder - whole milk

Traditional butter 82%

Alpine cream

Buttermilk powder

Technical butter for pastry

Milk powder – skimmed

Products from organic supply chain

Latterie Inalpi is a key player in producing dairy ingredients from an organic supply chain.
By making powdered milk using modern milk drying plants (Spray dryer) bearing the Tetrapack® trademark, in addition to conventional products, we also produce organic products such as BIO skimmed powdered milk, BIO butter, BIO cream, and other ingredients, perfect for confectionery and bakery production.

An organic product is an act of responsible purchasing towards an entire community, and for this reason, it is necessary to choose with care the raw materials and the components for a valuable recipe.

Inalpi organic products for Industry

Traditional butter 82%

Cream of organic Alpine chain

Fresh skimmed milk of organic supply chain

Organic skimmed milk powder

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