A short, transparent, safe supply chain

100% Italian milk, from 300 Piedmontese farms


The INALPI supply chain is a short supply chain of people who share the same values as Inalpi and are proud of their work and our products. The aim is a final result of high quality, also from the point of view of safety and respect for workers and the environment.

In order to guarantee widespread control and quality that exceeds normal standards, Inalpi Spa began several years ago a project to create a controlled fresh milk supply chain and signed a supply chain protocol..

Over the years, the project has taken shape with the definition of a technical protocol that requires the farmer to respect:

  • Animal housing and welfare
  • Sanitary management and animal health
  • Milk production and storage
  • Hygiene and milking
  • Milk quality
  • Animal nutrition
  • Environment and energy

The compliance with all these points is 100% verified by appointed technicians who conduct audits directly in the barn.

Where does our milk come from?


The fresh milk purchased byInalpi Spais collected every day from about 300 deliverers(mainly from the provinces of Cuneo and Turin) and processed within 48 hours from milking.

La sicurezza alimentare nell'allevamento delle mucche 3


Quality, well-being, sustainability


In addition to controls on milk quality(carried out on 100% of arrivals), Inalpi ensures that the entire farming system is under control and complies with all the agreed parameters of quality, well-being, and sustainability.

The technicians who visit the stables verify the situation and document it periodically. They issue a report with the scores obtained, the areas for improvement, and the areas to intervene within precise deadlines.

Grow together


All of this is in favor of a constant improvement of the breeding and growth, also cultural as well as economic, of the breeders themselves.

INALPI Spa has also promoted initiatives in this sense to request a more significant commitment and growth from its suppliers:

  • A conference on the conscious use of antibiotics, a significant topic for consumer health and food safety;
  • Training meetingson aspects of the protocol (welfare, sustainability, health, hygiene, etc.);
  • A conference (soon) on animal wellnesswith illustrations of concrete actions already implemented and examples of what can be done;
  • A brochure distributed to all farmers on the conscious use of antibiotics.
milk supply chain

A simple difference


The INALPI chain, in short, is transparent and safe, participated, which wants to guarantee the origin of the product, its quality and freshness, and the growth and control of the breeding system.

In this way, we know our producers, their product, and all the necessary information. The right way to a good, fair, safe milk. For everyone.

The right path to a fair, good, safe milk. To everyone

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