Private Label

“It takes 20 years to build a reputation and only 5 minutes to destroy it.”

Retail and DO

For more than 20 years, Inalpi has been a reference point in the processed cheese market, whether sliced or portioned.

Sliced and portioned in triangles, together with butter, portioned cheeses, and grated cheeses have the logo of the private brand on their packaging, enveloping a product of excellence made according to the customer’s instructions together with our experience in the sector.

The large-scale retail trade and organized distribution represent our reference market, to which we can offer competence and professionalism, service, and care in supply details.

Inalpi is synonymous with safety, our products are made through state-of-the-art plants, and each stage of processing is monitored through the control of two laboratories, one internal and the other independently managed by a third party, all this to ensure safety to our customers and maintain high the credibility of its brand.

Products for Private Label

Cheese portions in triangles

Inalpi is the first Italian player in the production of processed cheese slices. We have been producing this particular product since 1990, and, over time, we have become a point of reference in the production of MDD in Italy and for several foreign players.

We have brought strong innovation in this particular and mature market, including milk as the first ingredient for some recipes. Recipes are flexible and can guarantee 100% of milk and derivatives of Italian origin.

Cheese portions in triangles

In 2009, when Inalpi started the construction of the milk spraying tower, the department for the production of cheese portions in triangles was also inaugurated, to date the most modern in Italy. Capable of producing up to 90,000 portions per hour, a plant can guarantee clean recipes without preservatives or polyphosphates.

The production is traditionally made up of triangular cheeses wrapped in aluminum, and we can apply adhesive labels on the portion and compose boxes of 140 gr or 280 gr.


Our plant processes about 500,000 liters of milk every day, and with daily constancy, we produce butter exclusively from centrifugal cream. Employing modern skimming machines, we process cream from skimmed milk at about 1200 rpm, preserving the characteristics of fresh cream. Within 24 hours, our plant can process all the milk coming from our milk collection, and the processed butter keeps intact all the freshness of the raw material from which it derives

The quality of the cream has a constancy in the year due to the supply chain protocol that regulates the production of milk and its delivery.


Inalpi produces Mozzarella from curd produced in Peveragno (CN) plant and Moretta fila in 400 gr and 1 kg loaves, filoncini without liquid government. We produce Mozzarella specific for baking (at high temperatures) with a level of casein suitable for the preparation of baked goods, leavened products, and pizzas.

Our Mozzarella is specific for the production of pizza and tasty dishes.

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