Happy Cheerse Truffle



Add a gourmet touch to your appetizer with our Happy Cheerse Truffle Melted Cheese Triangles! Intense aroma, unmistakable flavor, these dairy delight triangles are a delicious combination of quality and taste, ideal for the most discerning and curious palates!

Created with selected raw materials such as high-quality milk, fresh cheese and butter, these cheeses offer the enveloping flavor of truffles accompanied by the creaminess of milk. Perfect for appetizers and WOW appetizers to prepare even at the last minute!

The production process takes place in a modern, high-tech facility, where every step-from chopping to mixing, cooking to sterilization, and packaging-is carefully monitored to ensure a product of excellence.


  • Made from high quality raw materials: milk, cheese and butter
  • Delicious and creamy, aromatically flavored and intensely fragrant truffle spreads all
  • Technological and controlled production process
  • Produced in a temperature- and humidity-controlled factory
  • Disinfected and filtered air to ensure hygiene and safety
  • Convenient packaging for fresh consumption every time


Buy Happy Cheerse Truffle Cheeses now and enjoy the authentic, aromatic taste of pepper in a convenient and delicious form!

Cheese, milk, water, butter, melting salts (trisodium citrate), truffle (0.5%), salt, acidity corrector (citric acid), truffle flavor


Energyfor 100g: 810kJ / 195kcal

 for 100g


of which saturated fatty acids9.7g


of which sugars1.3g



INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE These Happy Cheerse Truffle Cheeses are perfect for spreading on fresh or toasted bread, as an ingredient in recipes, canapés and tasty sandwiches.. And they are so good on their own, too! Also try them with eggs or melt them in a risotto! TYPE OF STORAGE In the refrigerator between 0 and 4 °C. Consume by the expiration date indicated on the package.
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