Sweet Milk, COCONUT flavour 180g



Sweet Milk is Inalpi’s line of milk-based spreadable creams. A sweet coconut cream, to be used on its own: spread it on bread or rusks for a breakfast or snack with a touch of exoticism or as an ingredient for sweet baked products or garnish.

Let yourself be conquered by its creaminess and the irresistible taste of coconut. All year round, summer in a jar. with good Italian milk from Inalpi controlled supply chain.

  • Odor: delicate coconut flavor
    Taste: typical coconut, sweet
  • Consistency: creamy and compact

Pack of 180g

Ingredients: Skimmed milk powder, sugar, anhydrous butter, coconut milk powder, sunflower oil, lecithin, vanillin, flavor.


Energy per 100g: 2.333 kJ / 559 kcal

 per 100g

Fats 34 g

of which saturated fatty acids 17g

Carbohydrates 52g

of which sugars 50g

Protein 10g

Salt 0,28g

To be spread directly on bread or rusks or used as a garnish or filling for sweet preparations. Excellent as a topping for yogurt or ice cream.

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