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Fresh skimmed milk from organic production

The fresh milk of our chain, contains all the values of a constant work, both in the barn and company and is collected constantly within a radius of only 30 km average from our factory in Moretta (CN). Skimmed by modern centrifuges Tetrapack, has a fat content of less than 1%.


Pasteurized skimmed cow’s milk. The heat treatment allows to enhance the natural taste while preserving the nutritional value, guaranteeing its health.

  • Appearance: homogeneous, white typical of milk
  • Smell: pleasant, typical of milk
  • Texture: liquid
  • Taste: typical of milk, fresh taste, free of abnormal flavors

Available in big bags of 20 liters and complete tanks.


Store at +4,C

Traditional butter 82%

Cream from the Alpine Bio supply chain

Fresh skimmed milk from the organic supply chain

Powdered milk - organic skim

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