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anhydrous butter

Liquid anhydrous butter

Our plant processes about 500,000 liters of milk every day, and with daily constancy, we produce butter exclusively from centrifugal cream. Our anhydrous butter This is the result of the processing of the centrifuge cream butter that is subjected to pressure treatment and de-gassing is deprived of moisture and then reaches the fat content of the 99,8%; Through our systems we are able to provide delivery in tank or cistern then liquid.


Produced from pasteurised centrifuge panels using highly technological processes, obtained from whole cow’s pasteurized milk from farms located in
Piedmont region (‘zona alpina’)in the Decision of the European Commission (2014) 3898 del 16.06.2014.


Store at room temperature

Powdered milk - skim

Powdered milk - whole

Buttermilk Powder

Liquid anhydrous butter

Traditional Butter 82%

Technical butter for pastry

Anhydrous butter for pastry

Cream from the alpine supply chain

Fresh skimmed milk from the supply chain

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