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The 100% Piedmontese milk that we collect every day is of the highest quality: healthy, good and authentic.

Inalpi organic products for Industry


organic butter

Traditional butter 82%

Every day we produce fresh centrifuge cream from our stables organic Piedmontese and we produce traditional butter preserving the characteristics of fresh cream. Within 24 hours our plant is able to process all the milk coming from our milk collection and the processed butter keeps intact all the freshness of the raw material from which it derives.


Produced by a Piedmontese milk centrifuge, pasteurized with highly technological processes, it has a shiny, compact and homogeneous appearance at 4 ºC, pleasant aroma, a mild and delicate taste. Color: white – yellowish


Store at a temperature of +4 ºC

Traditional butter 82%

Cream from the Alpine Bio supply chain

Fresh skimmed milk from the organic supply chain

Powdered milk - organic skim

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