Fair, good, safe:

The Right Path



A long history of love for the territory and the passion of its inhabitants, which becomes a participatory chain, in the name of quality.

Inalpi was founded in 1966 and its path and evolution are closely linked to the Invernizzi and Barattero families who over the years have been able to transform the family business to industry, without losing sight of theethical and human values that have guided the founders.
Artisanal experience and industrial efficiency together, in harmony, to put the great dairy experience within the reach of all, enhancing professionalism and territory.

The supply chain is a shared path towards a great ultimate goal: quality and safety.



A simple difference


Inalpi’s Moretta headquarters and Peveragno plant are located in Piedmont, in the Alpine Region, (Alpi Cozie). The right way to a good, fair, safe milk. For everyone. The INALPI chain, in short, is transparent and safe, participated, which wants to guarantee the origin of the product, its quality and freshness, and the growth and control of the breeding system.

Inalpi Spa started in 2010 Protocol of Supply Chain in Piedmont, which sets production standards. The remuneration of milk is not the result of economic negotiations but is obtained through a precise mathematical algorithm developed by the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart of Piacenza.

Fair, good, safe

Every day from good Italian milk.


Over the years, Inalpi has grown with well-considered choices as well as a countertrend.

In 2009 the production of cheese began. The department of cheese whether sliced and portioned starts quickly.

Always high quality: the main ingredient is the good Piedmontese milk.

In 2010 In Moretta Inalpi realized the most important investment in the company’s , which created new jobs and opportunities. Thanks to a project launched by Ferrero, Inalpi is committed to kick off controlled and certified chain of Piedmontese milk and to realize the first and still unique stacking of milk powder production for the food industry in Italy.
The plant now occupies an area of over 83.000 mq.

cheese dop inalpi

Collaboration and authenticity


The Inalpi path is a story that talks about authenticity and collaboration

Since 2017, the DOP Piedmontese cheesesare produced in the Peveragno plant: Toma, Bra Tenero and Bra Duro d’alpeggio and Raschera, but also Toma Inalpi and Fontal Nazionale,in addition to the curds that supply the Inalpi di Moretta factory for the base for slices and cheeses.

Innovative products


In 2017, milk powder from a controlled and certified Piedmontese chain, in its 1 kg package, is awarded as “Innovative product of the year“.

The growth and commitment to constant innovation did not stop and new expansion investments were launched in Moretta, bringing the plant to 83,000 square meters

Know-how, respect for people and the environment, are combined with a constant search for quality.

A long right path



The goodness and quality of the final product is the fundamental goal to obtain the appreciation and loyalty of the consumer. Careful selection of suppliers and a short supply chain, which allows total control of the raw material, are Inalpi’s mantra.
The 100% Piedmontese milk we collect every day is of the highest quality: healthy, good, and authentic from short supply chain.
This milk, with extraordinary characteristics, occupies a primary position. It is used for the production of milk powder, for the production of natural cheeses, cheeses, as well as melted cheeses and of course butter; exclusively from fresh centrifuge cream.


For Inalpi, the word safety is combined with innovation. The crisis that hit the world economy in 2004 led the company management to focus on the renewal of the plants.


Inalpi, at the beginning of 2019, created a third-party company, INLAB SOLUTIONS, dedicated to analysis and R&D control. Its establishment is aimed at the internalisation of quality control of raw materials,product innovation and the implementation of projects in the agri-food sector.

The first step was the effort to improve the laboratory analysis. Thanks to the collaboration with the University of Milan, section DI.PRO.VE and then with the Faculty of Agriculture of the University of Turin, the focus was on consumer preferences, environmental protection and food safety.

Therigorous and certified internal laboratory has therefore become of fundamental importance and, with the collaboration of other external structures, performs continuous and constant checks throughout the processing, from the arrival of the milk to the finished product.


In 2020, Inalpi has developed a new version of thenew protocol of short and certified chain of Piedmontese milk, unique in Europe, with an increase from 3 to 5 pillars and consisting of a check-list of 104 control points.

A new protocol that further emphasizes the attention to environmental sustainability, the use of water and energy resources and that puts its attention, in addition to animal welfare, also towards the protection of human rights and workers.

L’azienda ha inoltre impegnato enormi risorse per un progetto che consente di seguire la tracciabilità del prodotto: INALPITRACCIA.
Il consumatore può accedere a una mappa multimediale, disponibile sul sito aziendale, che gli consente di tracciare l’intera filiera casearia, dal latte appena munto a quello portato in azienda ai prodotti finiti. Basta inserire il codice e il lotto indicati sulla confezione per scoprire la stalla d’origine delle vacche che danno il latte utilizzato per realizzare le fettine di formaggio, i formaggini, il burro.

Tutto questo per tutelare il consumatore e garantirgli sempre alimenti sicuri e appetitosi.

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